What I did to take my life back from Fibromyalgia, in 2000, was something that I did, not only for myself, but for my daughter and my family as well. I owed it to them to try whatever I had to. I tried everything else up to that point, without any success. But, like the old cliche, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” And try I did, with all my might! The wonderful thing was, this time, I was victorious! I’m not saying that what I did “cured” my Fibromyalgia, but it did reverse most of the effects of my Fibromyalgia. It is a lifestyle that I “must” maintain every day to keep it working properly.

So, what did I do? Well, to start, I changed my diet completely. I eliminated the bad things like white sugar, white flour, processed foods, caffeine, etc. I increased the good things like high fiber foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables... I added extra essential supplements such as Antioxidants, Calcium/Magnesium, Vitamin D, the B Vitamins and so forth. I modified and even created recipes to suit my new dietary needs, so I didn’t have to “go without” anything. I changed my attitude and my entire way of thinking. My entire lifestyle had been revamped! Because of all of that (and more), I was a new woman in a new body! I now had goals and aspirations that I never thought could be possible. I actually had a body that was cooperating with my mind, which enabled me to do whatever I set my mind to do.

Most of the things that were taken away from me, for all those years, were gradually being given back. I slowly started to regain my abilities, my strength, my energy, my confidence and my freedom. Freedom from the physical and emotional hold Fibromyalgia had on me for so long. Even though I was feeling better, I was a bit hesitant to just jump right into things. Hesitant, because I had been in the habit of “not overdoing it” for so long. After being “disabled” for 10 years, I knew I needed to take it slow and steady. Well, not too slow, I’d been waiting long enough for goodness sake, but steady none the less. I felt like a little baby fawn who was just born into the world; a bit wobbly, but fired up with determination, very sure of where she was going, but slightly confused about how she was going to get there. Considering that I had climbed my way out of a very deep, extremely dark and quite ugly pit, what I had just gone through was definitely a well needed cleanse of mind, body and soul! I was ready to start my brand-new life.

I add new and amazing things to my regimen daily. Amazing things that have helped me with my healing such as, Yoga, Meditation, Water Aerobics and the ever important "pièce de résistance,” Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice! It has been one of the most important components in my healing. Why? Well, because it has kept me out of pain for years! How do I know “IT” keeps the pain at bay?! Well, being the “Human Guinea Pig” that I am, I did my own experiment. I drank it consistently every day (no pain), than I stopped drinking it (pain crept back), than I started drinking it again (surprise, no pain!) So, needless to say, I drink it every day, faithfully! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist!

Over the years, I have been sharing my story with anybody and everybody who wants to hear it. I get phones calls, emails, text messages and now even Tweets from family members, friends, friends of family members and family members of friends. Heck I even have people stop me in stores when they over hear me say the “F” word. Yes, I mean Fibromyalgia. Geesh! They always ask me the same thing, “What did you do to get to where you are?" I’m always more than happy to share what I know and what I do. I want everybody with Fibromyalgia to feel better. I want to tell people who are sick, that I’m no longer sick. I want to tell the people who are suffering in pain, that I’m no longer suffering in pain. I want to tell people who are unable to sleep that I sleep very well. I want to tell all of them that while they can’t find the energy to get out of bed, I’m functioning better than I was before I got sick. I want to share this information for one reason, to make people understand that, “There IS Hope for Fibromyalgia!”...

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Dr. Elrod and his amazing book “Reversing Fibromyalgia.” Without it...Never mind, I don’t even want to let that thought cross my mind. Thank you Dr. Elrod


Anonymous said...

I just ordered the book. After 3 years of barely getting out of bed, trying over 20 medications my neurologist prescribed, almost forgetting what my "old self" feels like, I was very inspired to read your blog. I'm willing to do Anything! This truly is no way to live...it's really not living at all.

AmyK said...

Thank you, thank you for reminding us of the hope!!! I believe that my time has come to take my life back as well, and I believe that what you are sharing is the key. I have noticed great improvement since I have changed just a couple of things in my life that were difficult to change, I can only imagine the life that is waiting for me when I continue to make these healthy choices and changes!
Bless you!
I look forward to getting to know you on twitter and through your blog.

Dina said...

To Anonymous-

I am truly happy to hear that you're on the path to "your" healing! I wish you the best of luck with everything! I agree, it isn't living, it's just existing. There is life to be lived and what I hope for ALL is, wellness and a fulfilling life! Please keep me posted on your progress!
Thank you so much for sharing :-)

Dina said...

To AmyK-

Take your life back with determination and perseverance! There is an entire world waiting to be discovered! I wish you the best of luck! Please let me know how it's coming along, I am so anxious and excited for you! Thank you so much for sharing with me and for your very kind words! (((HUGS))) :-)
Hope begets change, change begets hope!

Trinity said...

It's wonderful to see you spreading hope! I find that diet and lifestyle has a huge affect on my fibromyalgia. My best discovery was my ChiliPad - a mattress pad that lets you cool down (or heat up) your bed, mine lets me set any temperature between 46 and 118 degrees. Temperature sensitivity and morning stiffness are gone!

Dina said...

To Trinity-

Thank you so much for sharing your success and your recommendations! Many (((hugs))) for your kind words!
Best of luck to you :)

sustain said...

such an inspiration! you are quite the lady. it's wonderful to see how you are impacting {and helping!} so many others with fibromyalgia.

Dina said...

To Sustain-

Awww, what a sweet thing to say! Thank you so very much!(((Hugs))) :0)