When I found the book, Reversing Fibromyalgia, I felt such relief. Someone was finally saying that I didn’t have to learn to live with Fibromyalgia. They were saying that I didn’t have to let it control me anymore. It was all in my hands now. I was going to have the ability to take my life back! I believed that this was finally the answer I had been waiting for all this time. I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I could finally exhale after all those years of holding my breath, waiting for answers. I knew, as I was reading each page, that it wasn’t going to be an easy, quick fix. I knew that it was going to take time, commitment, determination and perseverance. But, what I endured all those years, prepared me for all of that. I was prepared to do whatever I needed to do. I was ready, willing and able. I wanted it, I believed it and now I was going to achieve it!

I followed all the steps listed in the book, diligently. Each step, it’s own small journey. I discovered new and exciting things about nutrition, exercise, meditation and so much more. I learned to have a happy heart, a thankful heart. It taught me so much of what I had been doing wrong for so many years. I learned what to eat and what not to eat. I even learned HOW to eat. It was amazing! I was a sponge, soaking it all up as I went along. Not even once, did I think about what I was giving up (refined sugar, processed foods, additives, preservatives etc.) I was only thinking about what I was going to gain, Everything!

The regimen wasn’t easy. But, in the same respect, it wasn’t hard either. What I went through for all those years, THAT was hard. The pain, insomnia, anxiety attacks, migraines, fatigue, oh goodness, the list goes on. I look back now and it makes me cringe to think of all the suffering, not only for myself, but even more so, for my daughter and my family. The upside to it all was we were on our path to healing. There was a light at the end of the tunnel now, instead of the dark, dismal bottomless pit I knew, all too well, for far too long.

Going through the “transformation,” as I like to call it, I learned to embrace the Fibromyalgia and accept that it was always going to be a part of my life, but not something that had control of my life anymore. It was something I was always going to have to maintain, but that meant that it was going to be all up to ME this time. I went into my transformation with about 100 severe Fibromyalgia symptoms and came out of it with about 10 tolerable ones. I was revitalized, rejuvenated and invigorated. I had so much energy. I was even sleeping through the night. Most of the symptoms were actually gone! I felt whole. I was finally coming out of the fog...

I wish I could find the humor in this part of my journey, but

Alas, alack, I am not able
for this, dear folks, is not a fable

It is a story so raw and true
I simply cannot humor you

Instead, you get these thoughts from yonder
For you to take away and ponder

Think not of all the journey woes
Think only just of where it goes

It takes us to where we’re suppose to be
It takes us ALL there, you and me

For you and me, we are the same
The only difference is, our name

MY name is Dina and I have Fibromyalgia


Lee said...

Hi I am so intersted that you have found something that works and will return. Have you heard of Fibro Blogger Directory?