My love affair with Tart Cherries began in early 2006. I remember it so well. It was a lovely Spring day. There were flowers blooming, birds chirping from majestic Oak trees and there was a hint of daffodils wafting in the air... *screech to a halt* Who am I kidding? I live in the fricking desert and I’m not a romance novelist!

Truth be told, my Dad found an article in a magazine about the benefits of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice for Fibromyalgia! Well, he went right out and bought my Mom a bottle of concentrate and she drank it down faster than a college frat boy at an all-you-can-drink kegger! Sorry Mom! *giggles*

Anyway, she drank it every day for about a month and called me singing the praises of the juice. So, I bought a bottle and I drank 8oz twice a day, every day (same as Mom, as per the article) and after about a month or so I noticed my pain was diminishing. Hmmm, I thought, could this really be real? So, being the ever skeptic that I am, I put it to the test. I stopped drinking it and the effects wore off after a few days. I started to drink it again and after another few days, voila, the pain was going away, yet again! Amazing. But how, why?! Now, I never look a gift horse in the mouth, but I always need to know the hows and the whys of anything and everything I do. So, I now needed to do some research into the properties of Tart Cherries. I knew it was working, so I continued to drink it faithfully every day. All the while, doing my research. I came up with a lot of scientific facts, theories, opinions and of course, our own experiences which couldn't be refuted. I'm a believer! *input The Monkees singing here*

Please keep in mind, the cherry juice started working for us after we went through a complete diet detoxification (elimination) and regimen. Whether or not it was because of that is unknown. But, in my opinion, I believe it was because we followed the guidelines in Dr. Elrod’s book “Reversing Fibromyalgia” and stuck with it through the years. Most of our original Fibromyalgia symptoms had either disappeared or lessened greatly since beginning the regimen in 2000. We did have some residual pain and occasional fatigue, among other minor symptoms. So, for the most part, I believe, the cherry juice picked up where the regimen left off. It keeps the pain at bay on a daily basis. It gives us energy during the day and even helps us sleep better at night. I cannot express enough though, the importance of the regimen outlined in Dr. Elrod’s book. It gave us a fresh palette for which to start living our lives, in spite of Fibromyalgia!

Below are some very important links that I find extremely helpful and informative on the benefits of Tart Cherry Juice.
Happy reading and good luck! Make today the day YOU take your life back from Fibromyalgia and start living your life to the fullest instead of just existing in misery.


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“The naysayers they laugh, but I don’t give a hoot
Because I have you now, my miracle fruit!”


Jeanne said...

Doesn't Black Cherry juice help diminish gout pain? And isn't gout a form of arthritis? Another autoimmune thing? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

The tart cherry has the majority of the studies rather then the black cherry, but they are both cherries :-) I take the cherry capsules for my gout pain and they work wonders. My doctor recommended the Fruit Advantage cherry capsules.

fibrohubby said...

Very wife just started a gluten-free diet. It's help with her energy level, but she still has much of the fibromyalgia pain. The tart cherry juice, might be worth a try. Thanks!

Dina said...

To Fibrohubby-

Hoping to check in with you to see how the gluten-free diet and Tart Cherry Juice is working for your wife?! :0)

Kristie Lippert said...

Dina - saw your post on misty's facebook. Think i'll give the tart cherry juice a try! I've been on a gluten free diet for a year and it does help with some of the pain, definitely the bowel issues and restless legs. Hoping the juice is another key to the puzzle! Thanks! Kristie

Dina said...


So glad you're finding relief! Dietary modifications are an integral part of reversing the effects of Fibro ;) The Tart Cherry Juice is yet another step, following many steps, to wellness! Good luck and keep me posted (((Hugs))) :)